Saturday, March 10, 2007

Nexus for Change Conference

We are supporting the design and implementation of Nexus for Change, an upcoming conference bringing together people who work with systemic change methodologies from a variety of perspectives -- practitioners, researchers, educators, leaders & activists. Essentially we are asking the question: What would be possible if we got to know each other better?

For example, what kinds of collaborations might emerge between researchers and practitioners? How might the perspectives of thought leaders and clients impact the way change methods are taught to others? How can activists make use of and participate in research while they learn to implement cutting edge methodologies to engage their communities of practice?

This convergence of perspectives is unusual in the world of change methods, so we are looking forward to what emerges from it!

The Change Handbook

In 2005, Peggy Holman asked us (Gabriel Shirley and Nancy White) if we would write a chapter for The Change Handbook about using technology to support organizational and community change. When we started writing, we quickly realized there was a huge amount of territory to cover, far more than would fit in the 5000 words of the chapter. So we decided to create Methods For Change as a place to explore the overflow.

In particular, we are interested in:

  • How technology is supporting change efforts around the world
  • How change methodologies, such as those covered in The Change Handbook, are being supported via the web and other means
  • How the fast-changing world of technology is itself a change agent that shifts how we think about the world and what is possible
  • Collecting and sharing your stories and questions about all of the above

We are:

Gabriel Shirley and Nancy White, two curious collaborators with long histories of building and supporting online environments that support change in organizations and communities. Learn more about us on our blogs (Gabriel's blog | Nancy's blog ) and our company sites: BigMind Consulting (Gabriel) and Full Circle Associates (Nancy).